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The purposes of interscholastic athletic participation and competition at Central MN Christian.

As a temple of the Holy Spirit, the body of a young person is something to be cared for in a physical way.  Development of athletic skills is one aspect of this physical development.  Interscholastic athletic practice and competition gives the student-athlete the opportunity to use his/her God-given gifts in a wholesome manner in concert with other Christian young people under the direction of a Christian coach.  This is a positive opportunity for individual skill development and the fostering of the team concept.

Interscholastic athletic competition gives the team an opportunity to demonstrate its level of development with an opponent, before parents, before their peers, before the general public, and before the Lord.  An interscholastic athletic contest must be considered a team's opportunity to witness to their faith, to demonstrate their unity, to exercise their self-control, and to show their progress in the development of the skills of the sport.

The purpose of interscholastic athletic competition must not be the glorification of the individual, nor the adoption of an attitude of winning at all costs, nor the acceptance of the idea that an end justifies a means; integrity, fairness, team play, love, and hard work are the positive attributes to be held before the students as goals of interscholastic athletic competition.

2019 - 2020 Coaching Staff

Fall Sports
Cross Country
Becky Graves (

Jill Haan - Varsity (
Melanie Vander Ark - JV 
Laura TeBrake - C Team
Lillie Brown - 8th grade
Open Position- 7th grade

Boys Soccer
Scott Buteyn - Varsity (
Brady Mulder - JV
Ola Ilelaboye - Junior High

Winter Sports
Girls Basketball
Mike Mulder - Varsity (
Janey Duininck - JV
Tyler Daugherty - 7th & 8th Grade
Heather Daugherty - 7th & 8th Grade

Boys Basketball
Ted Taatjes - Varsity (
Brian Nelson - JV
Travis Vander Woude- C
Brad Greenwaldt - 8th Grade
Mark Taatjes - 7th Grade

Spring Sports
Track and Field
Lucas Van Eps - Head Coach
Devin Veenstra - JH
Travis Vander Woude - Assistant Coach
Jessica Bulthuis - Assistant Coach

Jordon Daugherty - Varsity (
Mason Dehmlow - Assistant Coach
Travis Berry - Junior High Coach

Boys/Girls Golf
Scott Buteyn - Head Coach (
Open -  Assistant Coach


Mr. Brandon Haan