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Would you like to save money on your tuition bill now or in the future?

If you haven’t signed up for the Central MN Christian School Tuition Reduction Incentive Program (TRIP, for short) here’s how you can easily earn money to put towards your tuition bill!

The TRIP program allows you to purchase gift cards for stores like Cashwise, Cub Foods, JC Penny, Giovanni's, Culvers, Home Depot, Menards, Gap, SuperAmerica, Applebees, etc. and earn money towards your tuition!  You pay the face value on each gift card ($25 for a $25 gift card). 

Our TRIP program is able to purchase that same certificate at a discount, and the difference between the face value and the discounted value is applied toward your tuition.  The discounted dollars (minus 10% which helps cover administrative costs) are credited to your personal tuition account.  Friends and family can participate by ordering through you or setting up their own account, directing that their account money go to your family. 

How do I get started, and where do I get cards or dowloads from?

Register as a user of the TRIP program using the TRIP registration link at the bottom of this page - this includes a small registration fee. Designate to whom you'd like your tuition dollars applied (ie: a grandparent may split between multiple families).

You purchase scrip/gift cards to be used at merchants you normally do business with.  It doesn’t cost you any more than you currently spend. Gift cards can be used just like cash.

You can purchase Cub, Cashwise, Walmart, Culvers, and Target cards at the H.S. office for instant use (available in certain denominations only, based on card - $10, $100, etc.)

You can place orders for physical cards from a wide list of vendors listed HERE - pick up cards in the office once they arrive (or they can be sent home with a student). Some local vendors are not listed via the link (ie: Giovanni's, LuLu Beans, etc.) unless you enter the school's password - if you still don't see a favorite local business, please ask us!

OR, after registering as a TRIP user through school using the link to the form below - visit to INSTANTLY download numerous “Scrip Now” money to your smartphone, which will be applied to a designated tuition account and USED INSTANTLY.  This is not an app but a button you save on your homescreen.


Please note: you'll need to enter the school's organization number in order to see ALL vendors available to Central families.

Central Minnesota Christian School organization code: Call school and get the code

(needed to place orders online for physical cards to for "Scrip Now" money to your smartphone)


Who can participate?

Parents of children currently enrolled at Central MN Christian 4K-12
Parents who will have their children enrolled at Central MN Christian 4K-12 in the future
Grandparents who would like to help pay for their grandchildren’s tuition
Family members or friends who would like to contribute to a current or future student’s tuition at Central MN Christian
Basically - ANYONE who wants to help the TRIP program or a specific family!

Orders are placed the following dates and are available in the high school office that Friday.  (all orders must use presto-pay

TRIP Payouts are done on:

June 30
September 30
December 31
March 31


Questions? Contact Central parent and TRIP Coordinator, Michelle Schwitters at (320) 894-4097

**New**  Complete User Guide to the TRIP program click here

Click here to go to the Shop with Scrip website.  Click on the Register button and use the code listed above.

**New** Video on how to sign up with Presto-Pay click here

**New** Video on how to use My Scrip Wallet on your phone click here