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What’s “Parents' Club”?
Originally founded in 1952 as the “Mothers’ Club” – the group consisted of Central MN Christian mothers who collected loose corn from fields and piled it in order to sell it for the financial benefit of the school.
Today – it’s known as “Parents’ Club.” The leadership team consists of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Vicar, who are elected to serve a 2-year term by parents at the annual Parents’ Club meeting held immediately preceding the Annual Meeting (in April) each year. They present a report on their expenditures, funding requests, and vote on officers at this meeting.
Any Central MN Christian parent, therefore, can vote on Parent Club items as well as vote on Parent Club leadership nominees.
Parent Club officers facilitate the following:
1) Provide oversight to School Cleaning performed by the parents in August
2) Provide a special Senior Class/Parents of Seniors dinner in May.
3) Maintain a Parent Club budget and provide oversight to funds collected from Harvest Festival and Legacy Dinner
4) Facilitate the funding requests, expenditures, and approval/disapproval and voting on of items, not in the budget, which require additional funding (ie: bleachers for the gym, funding for a special educational trip, special equipment for a classroom, etc.).
Central MN Christian leadership fill out a special request form, outlining the need(s) of the request. The Superintendent and Parent Club officers review the forms. Items approved are then presented to the constituents, which include parents, for approval/disapproval by ballot.
Current Officers:
Mindy Grannes - President
Andrea Daugherty - Vice President
Stephanie Van Eps - Treasurer
Heidi Meyer - Secretary
Natalie Vander Beek - Vicar
(To reach any of these officers - find contact numbers/email addresses in the parent directory.)