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Parent Partnership Requirements

  1. These Parent Partnership Requirements apply to all families with K-12th-grade students attending Central MN Christian School.
  2. If you are in leadership positions of Parent's Club Officer or Legacy Dinner Main Committee you would be exempt from having to work at the events in the Society Area listed above.
  3. If you are on the Harvest Festival Main Committee, you are exempt from both the Society and Parent's Club Areas.
  4. If you are a Society Officer, you will be exempt from having to work at the events in the Parent's Club Area but must still work at the Harvest Festival.
  5. Each family will be required to participate in the following four major areas:

New 2 You Thrift Store

  • New 2 You Thrift Store (1 Saturday shift - requiring 2 parents

Harvest Festival

  • One parent per household is required to participate.  You will select the area you work for a 2-hour shift in for this event by signing up during the Annual Meeting held in the spring.  It is held the third Saturday in November.  

Society Area (must choose 1 of the 3)

  • One shift at the 4th of July event held at Central MN Christian during the day (1 shift is usually about 2-3 hours)
  • Two shifts at a Saturday athletic tournament held at school (1 shift is usually about 5 hours).  You may opt to do 2 adults at one tournament or one adult at two tournaments
  • Three shifts at the concession stand (1 shift is from 5:30-clean up)

Parents' Club Area (must choose 1 of the 2)

  • School Cleaning - 2-hour shift on a Monday or Tuesday in August.
  • Legacy Dinner Event.  You provide a dessert for your table of 10.  The guest list is provided by the Legacy Dinner Committee.  This is a Friday night fundraising/entertainment event in April.  You will NOT solicit funds during the event.