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  Name Title Group Contact
Becky Berry Berry, Becky Academic Support Teacher Elementary Teachers
Travis Berry Berry, Travis Middle School Bible Middle School
Lori Braem Braem, Lori Kindergarten Teacher Elementary Teachers 320-978-8700
Amber Brouwer Brouwer, Amber Spanish I, II & III, English 9, Novels I High School Teachers
Sarah Brouwer Brouwer, Sarah Teacher Elementary Teachers 320-978-8700
Jimmy Buehler Buehler, Jimmy Bible 9, Speech 11, TCAL, Geography 10 High School Teachers 320-978-8700
Jessica Bulthuis Bulthuis, Jessica Teacher High School Teachers 320-978-8700
Scott Buteyn Buteyn, Scott Teacher High School Teachers
Lorna Cook Cook, Lorna High School Math High School Teachers
Heather Daugherty Daugherty, Heather Teacher Middle School 320-978-8700
Hilda De Boer De Boer, Hilda Third Grade Elementary Teachers
Jamie Duininck Duininck, Jamie Elementary Music and Art Elementary Teachers
Becky Graves Graves, Becky Physical Education Teacher Elementary Teachers, Middle School
Mindy Groen Groen, Mindy teacher High School Teachers 320-978-8700
Christine Hoekstra Hoekstra, Christine Middle School English Elementary Teachers, Middle School
Shayla Honken Honken, Shayla Teacher Elementary Teachers 320-978-8700
Lisa Jerve Jerve, Lisa 1st Grade Teacher Elementary Teachers
Heidi Link Link, Heidi Academic Support & Library Elementary Teachers
Kourtney Schwitters Schwitters, Kourtney Music Elementary Teachers, High School Teachers, Middle School
Emily Setrum Setrum, Emily Art Elementary Teachers, High School Teachers, Middle School 320-978-8700
Rhonda Slagter Slagter, Rhonda Lit Appreciation, American Lit, Novels II, English Comp, English 11, College Writing, PSEO English High School Teachers
Shannon Stoel Stoel, Shannon Fourth Grade Elementary Teachers 320-978-8700
Katie TeBrake TeBrake, Katie 2nd Grade Teacher Elementary Teachers
Cindy Van Otterloo Van Otterloo, Cindy Sonshine 4K Elementary Teachers
Travis Vander Woude Vander Woude, Travis 7th & 8th English, 9th Grade PE and Athletic Director Middle School
Vince VanderPol VanderPol, Vince Fifth Grade Elementary Teachers
Devin Veenstra Veenstra, Devin 5-12 Band High School Teachers, Middle School
Kevin Wassenaar Wassenaar, Kevin 6th, 7th & 8th History Middle School 320-978-8700
Megan Wolfe Wolfe, Megan Middle School Bible Middle School