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Welcome to the band page of the Central Minnesota Christian School Fine Arts Program.  CMCS and band director, Mr. Devin Veentstra, invite students to join us in glorifying our creator and celebrating our roles as His image bearers through various means of creative expression and invention in the area of instrumental music. 

Central Minnesota Christian students have the opportunity to participate in Concert Band as part of the fine arts requirement for graduation.  Concert Band participants also have opportunity to support our athletic programs through a Pep Band component to the band program.

Every other year our band students travel to Dordt College to participate in a band festival day with over 600 other Christian School students from Iowa, South Dakota, and Minnesota.  During that day the band gets coaching from a college professor and then takes part in a mass band concert in the evening.

Other opportunities for our band students include the opportunity to participate in a local large group band festival and a chance to participate in solo and/or ensemble contest in the spring of the year.

Our band program begins in fifth grade and continues through grade 12.  Lessons are provided weekly for small groups of students within their respective instrumental sections.



"Researchers have studied the benefits of music education for decades, consistently finding strong correlations between music and academic achievement.  Besides the music itself, by-products of being in band are:  teamwork skills, self-discipline, healthy self-esteem, personal confidence and most importantly, learning to reach short and long-term goals.  The three sections of the band are even mentioned in the Bible: “Praise Him with the sounding of the trumpet” (Brass), “Praise Him with the pipe” (Woodwinds), “Praise Him with the clash of cymbals” (Percussion).  –Psalm 150."