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Tuition Information


The cost of education at Central Minnesota Christian School is covered by tuition paid by our parents.  The tuition rate is established by the Board of Directors each year. 

Tuition rates are all-inclusive.  There is no extra charge for busing, athletics, etc.  Hot lunch is an additional fee and is optional.  We strongly encourage parents to pay the full cost of tuition.  For those unable to pay the full cost of tuition, we have a program for tuition assistance which parents can apply for by completing an online application through TADS (a third party tuition aid assessment). Additional fundraising is undertaken to cover those costs that are over and above the amount covered by parent-committed tuition.

*Tuition is adjusted annually.

2016 - 2017 Tuition Rates

4K OPTIONS and RATES (4K rate is fixed and not negotiable)

4K: 2 Half Days- $914 

4K: 2 Full Days- $1,827

4K: 3 Half Days - $1,397

4K: 3 Full Days- $2,793

KINDERGARTEN (4 full days):  $4,934

GRADES 1-6:   $6,168
GRADES 7-12:   $7,704


THE QUESTION IS...."How do parents feel about tuition?"


Central parents, Ben & Crystal Donner, share their honest perspective about the investment of tuition...

"To be completely honest, the cost of sending our four children to a Christian school seemed a bit daunting. But after experiencing what Central Minnesota Christian School in Prinsburg has to offer our children, we feel it’s one of the best investments we as parents could possible make.

The small class sizes, the compassion of the teachers, and the quality education in a Christ-centered environment….we couldn’t be happier with our experience at Central Minnesota Christian School."