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Enrollment Process 

1. Become acquainted with Central Minnesota Christian School through an on-site visit and tour. 

2. Complete and submit to the school the enrollment for application form online

  • For the application for Sonshine 4K Program - Click Here
  • For the application for K-12 grades - Click Here
  • If you would like to download the K-12 application - Click Here.  Please either mail or fax your enrollment.   
3. We ask all potential families to participate in an interview with an administrator and members of the School Board.  The purpose of this interview is to get to know each of our families better and to hear about your desire for Christian Education for your family.  Once we have received your enrollment application, an administrator will contact you with a time to meet either in person or via phone if you are not in the area.

4. Following your interview, a member of the Board or someone from Administration will send notification about your Enrollment Application.  

5. We then will arrange for transportation for your student or students and will make the necessary arrangements for transcripts to be transferred.

6. We then have families sign the Tuition, Service, and Conflict Resolution Agreement.