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K-12 Application for Enrollment

K-12 Application for Enrollment

If you have questions regarding anything pertaining to this form or the process of enrollment,

please contact Interim Development Director, Michelle Schwitters at or (320) 978-8700.


PLEASE NOTE: Kindergarten is full days, Tuesday-Friday.
School begins each day at 8:30 AM and concludes at 3:15 PM for all K-12 students.


Application For Enrollment:


Today's Date

* FULL Name(s) of Child(ren)/Grade To Enter/Date of Birth

Father's Name (Last, First)

Father's Occupation and Place of Employment

Father's Place of Employment/Phone


Mother's Name (Last, First)

Mother's Occupation - Place and Phone of Employment
* Family's Physical Address - Include Mailing Address If Different

Phone (Home)

* Cell Phone Number (Please note if this is a cell number you wish to use in the event of school cancellations. You may alert multiple numbers if desired.)
* Enter an emergency contact (not a parent) - name and cell phone # and relationship
School name/phone and principal of school your child(ren) currently attend
* Church You Currently Attend

When do you wish to enroll your child(ren)?


Has/have your child(ren) ever been expelled from school?

(1 required)
Yes   No
* Does your child have any physical, emotional/behavioral, or learning needs that will require special services? (1 required)
Yes   No

If so, please explain.

* Did you have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 in place at your previous school? If so - please indicate which (IEP or 504) and briefly explain the types of general support or services outlined by such. (1 required)
Yes   No
* Please tell us why you desire to enroll your child(ren) at Central Minnesota Christian School.

Please let us know how you learned of Central Minnesota Christian School.

(1 required)
Current Student   Current Parents   Pastor   Website
Alumni   Radio Ad   Newspaper Ad   Other

If you were referred by another family or student, please list their name(s).

* Transportation for student(s) - busing is inclusive in tuition rates. Pick up at your door is possible, but times will be determined according to what's best for the overall route schedule. Please note: you may choose a group pick up point (available in Willmar only) which may reduce the time your child is on the route. We privately contract our drivers, and only CMCS students will be passengers on our routes. (1 required)
Yes, we will need transportation.   No, we will not need transportation.
We're unsure at this point.   We are possibly interested in a group pick up point.


Central's Viewpoint on the Christian Home

Central has a firm belief, found in our bylaws, that "God has appointed the parent (or guardian) to be responsible for the training of the child." School will continue to carry out "the basic God-honoring, God-centered program begun in the home." At a family interview with 2 board members and an administrator, parents/guardians will be asked to share about their personal faith journey.

(Complete this question if you are a new family at Central and have not completed a board/administrator/family interview.) If you agree with our viewpoint on the importance of a Christian home, please provide the name and email address or cell phone # of a senior pastor, youth pastor, Sunday school teacher, or lay leader within a church (only 1 is needed) who would be willing to complete a brief questionnaire that will be sent to them regarding your family.
* If you agree with the following statement, please indicate by checking Yes or No. "As parents we wish to seek admission for our child(ren) in Central Minnesota Christian School."
Yes   No

* Email Address: