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4K Enrollment Application

4K Enrollment Application

4K Enrollment Application - (K-12 Enrollment is a different tab under Admissions):


Today's Date

* FULL Name of 4K Child to be Enrolled (First, Full Middle, and Last Name)
* Date of Birth (Month/Day/Year)

Father's Name (Last, First)

* Father's Occupation and Place of Employment
* Mother's Name (Last, First)
* Mother's Occupation and Place of Employment
* Family's Physical Address -Include Mailing Address If Different

Home Phone

* Cell Phone Number (Please note if this is the cell number you wish to use in the event of school cancellations. You may alert multiple numbers if desired.)
* Emergency contact if parents cannot be reached (Name/Relation/Best Phone Number)

Church Currently Attending

* Name/Ages or Grade of Any Other Siblings (Note if they currently attend CMCS)
* The school district in which you reside provides your child with preschool screening, necessary for admission to any school. Notification and facilitation of this screening process is done by your district. Please indicate the name of the school district this would be. (If you are outside of District 815 or were tested outside of District 815 - please request the records from this process be directed/released to Central MN Christian School.)
* Were there any areas of concern raised by such screening, areas you anticipate will be noted in screening to come, or any overall areas you feel we should be aware of? Examples: developmental/emotional/behavioral concerns, premature birth, biting, high level of anxiety, etc. and/or is your child receiving any special educational early childhood services at this time (possible IEP)? Please share with us regarding any of these areas.
* Food Allergies - yes or no. If so, specify.
* Busing is provided for all students in the AM if desired. Full day students can receive afternoon route service, too. Busing is inclusive in tuition rates. Pick up at your door is possible, but times will be determined according to what's best for the overall route schedule. Please note: you may choose a group pick up point (available in Willmar only) which may reduce the time your child is on a route. We privately contract our drivers, and only CMCS students will be passengers on our routes. (1 required)
Yes, we will need transportation   No, we will not need transportation
We're unsure at this point   We might be interested in busing after first semester - beginning in January.
We would possibly be interested in a group pick up spot in Willmar.   We have questions about busing and request to be contacted.

2018-2019 4K Tuition Rates

4K tuition rates are non-negotiable and not eligible for tuition assistance.
However, tuition is tax deductible (seek advice from your tax preparer).

Busing (AM for 1/2 day students; AM and PM for full-day students) is included in tuition rates.

Hot lunch is a separate dollar amount.

4K Invoices will be sent out the first week in September 2017.


2 Half Days (M/W or T/Th): $969 full year ($484 per semester)
2 Full Days (M/W or T/Th): $1939 full year ($969.50 per semester)
Additionally, parents may add optional Fridays to their above choice.
The tuition for such is as follows:
3 Half Days (M/W/F or T/Th/F): $1482 full year ($741 per semester)
3 Full Days (M/W/F or T/Th/F): $2963 full year ($1481.50 per semester)
* (1 required)
We prefer 1/2 day Monday/Wednesday.   We prefer ALL day Monday/Wednesday.
We prefer 1/2 day Tuesday/Thursday.   We prefer ALL day Tuesday/Thursday.
We prefer to add Friday 1/2 day also.   We prefer to add ALL day Friday also.
We are somewhat flexible with our options and would consider other days if we are unable to be placed according to our preference.
* Tuition Payment Preferences NOTE: 4K is invoiced by semester (1 required)
Tuition paid at the beginning of each semester (September and January) - due upon receipt of invoice   4 total payments - 2 payments per semester upon receipt of invoice (Sept., Nov., Jan., March)
Lunch Options For ALL Day Students Only - 11:30 AM Lunch (served in 4K room). Hot lunch and milk (milk only is an option, too) are separate fees from tuition. Payment must be made towards hot lunch account.
SACK LUNCH - We will bring a sack lunch from home.   HOT LUNCH - We will take hot lunch from school.
Milk Options for ALL Day Students Only - Students take milk with hot lunch OR they make pay for milk as an option with the sack lunch they bring from home.
Chocolate Milk   1% Milk
Skim Milk

Central Christian's Viewpoint on the Christian Home

Central has a firm belief, found in our bylaws, that "God has appointed the parent (or guardian) to be responsible for the training of the child." School will continue to carry out "the basic God-honoring, God-centered program begun in the home." At a new family interview with 2 Board members and an administrator, parents/guardians will be asked to share about their personal faith journey and how they seek to develop the faith of their child. 

* If you are a new family to our school (have not previously had a new enrollment interview with Board members) and you agree with our viewpoint on the importance of a Christian home, please provide the name and email address or cell phone # of a senior pastor, youth pastor, Sunday school teacher, or lay leader within a church (only 1 is needed) who would be willing to complete a very brief questionnaire that will be sent to them regarding your family.
* * If you agree with the following statement, please indicate by checking Yes or No. "As parents we wish to seek admission for our 4K child at Central Minnesota Christian School."
Yes, we agree.   No, we do not agree.
* Email Address (please provide an account which is checked on a regular basis)
* Anything else you'd like us to know regarding your enrollment application, your child, or other needs/concerns? Please share!

* Email Address: