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Christian Worldview

Christian Worldview

Christian Worldview

Christian Worldview

What is a Worldview?  A worldview is a system of beliefs. A way in which one sees the world and everything in it and makes sense of it.  It is a framework into which we place all of our thoughts and actions.  A Worldview consists of many things:  your beliefs, your philosophy on life, your purpose, and your goals.  As a Christian school, we operate with a biblical perspective on the world.  We view the world through the Bible and try to engage the world as Jesus would.  Below are the beliefs and ideas that we at Central Minnesota Christian School use to frame our worldview and the perspective from which we teach and engage our students.


Our Mission Statement

"It is the mission of Central Minnesota Christian School to provide a Christ-centered, quality education to equip students for a life of service."

Our Educational Goals

Central Minnesota Christian School strives to be a place where students . . .

1.  Develop and grow in their relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
2.  Learn to discern God’s will for their lives.
3.  Discover their God-given talents and learn to use them for the benefit of His Kingdom.
4.  Love, encourage, and accept one another with the attitude of a servant.
5.  View the universe as being created and sustained by a loving God and worship Him accordingly.
6.  Acquire a life-long passion for learning more about God’s Word and God’s World.
7.  Use the instruction, resources, and technology available to achieve the highest standards of excellence in education.