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Cross Country is cancelled for today, October 3.

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Administration & Board

Administration & Board

Photo Name Title Email Phone
Photo for Haan, Brandon Haan, Brandon Athletic Director, Elementary P.E. Email
Photo for Rheinheimer, Marit Rheinheimer, Marit Director of Instruction Email
Photo for Van Der Puy, Pete Van Der Puy, Pete Superintendent Email
Photo for Van Otterloo, Larry Van Otterloo, Larry Principal & Instructor: 9th Grade Bible, World Religions, TCAL Email


Board Member          Term Expires       Committee

Jason Brouwer                 2018                Maintenance

Wade Damhof                  2019                Technology 

Shana Duininck                2020                Education

Neil Graves                      2019                 Vice President / Development

Todd Groen                      2018                 Busing

Josh Lundeen                  2020                 Treasurer / Finance

Nate Marcus                    2019                  Secretary / New2You

Lenny Schwitters             2019                  President / Athletic

Tim Slagter                      2020                  Maintenance

Chad Taatjes                   2018                  Long Range Planning / Strategic Improvement


Pete Van Der Puy                                      Superintendent              


Executive Team

Four Board members comprise this team: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary

Board President

Presides over Board meetings, creates Board agenda in concert with superintendent,
and votes only to break a tie; functions as the head of the executive team

Board Vice President

Provides back-up for the president and serves on the executive team

Board Treasurer

Provides leadership to the finance team; builds and monitors budget in concert
with superintendent; also serves on the executive team

Board Secretary

Keeps minutes of all Board meetings and official correspondence; also serves on the executive team


Alumni Committee



Athletic Committee

This team works in concert with the Athletic Director to oversee the administration and culture
of the athletic program at CMCS. This team interviews and oversees coaches,
considers pairing options, and provides support to the Athletic Director.

Busing Committee

This team works alongside the Superintendent and bus director to ensure that buses are available,
operable, and are staffed. Routes are determined by this team also.
Recommendations regarding purchase and/or lease come from this team.

Development/Promotions Committee

The purpose of the Development/Promotions Team is to reflect the mission of Central Minnesota Christian School
through the efforts of the development office by building and sustaining relations with student families, donors,
and constituent body at large through creating and executing various, strategic mediums of
communications and events that reflect faith, family, quality, investment, and service.

Education Committee

The purpose of the education committee is to review our current educational curriculum
and track progress toward educational goals. This team also addresses items such as standardized testing,
curriculum, technology advances, class structure and organization, and a variety of other
tasks related directly to education.

Finance Committee

The finance team reviews CMCS financials and tracks progress toward the budget.
This team also creates and presents a budget to the full Board.

Harvest Festival Committee


Long Range Planning Committee

This team works in concert with administration to consider long-term goals and initiatives of CMCS.
One of the primary items for this team is to assist with accreditation and the school improvement plan.
Membership of this team includes a Board member, administration, and parents.

Maintenance Committee

The maintenance team works in concert with the Superintendent and the head custodian tracks
building issues and projects. This team also oversees and assists with evaluation of janitorial staff.

Parents' Club Committee

This leadership team consists of a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and vicar, who are elected by CMCS parents at the Annual Parents' Club meeting held immediately preceding the Annual Meeting in April of each year. Leadership serves 2-year term. They manage expenditures for non-budgeted items, host the annual senior/parent banquet, and honor administration/staff during appreciation week.

Thrift Store Committee

This is a outside team that includes a Board member liaison between the store and the Board.
The team is responsible for staffing recommendations, finances, and building needs of New 2 You.

Spiritual Encouragement Committee